Become an Affiliate and start earning residual income today!

How would you like to be your own boss, and start making an investment in your future today!. As an
affiliate you will begin earning residual income with every sale you make. How would you like to
sell a product that every business in America needs. How would you feel about providing them with
a service that transforms there business model, and increases there ability to reach their
customers. Now how would you feel if you could make a substantial residual income by providing
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As an Affiliate you will enjoy your own webpage sponsored by us that your customers can visit
to place orders online. The way our packages are structured we are cultivating long term
relationships with our clients. When you sell one of our wonderful service package to your
customers you not only earn ten percent of the initial sale, you also earn ten percent of their
monthly fees, for as long as they area customer of My Web LLC. As your customer base grows
so will your residual income.
As an Affiliate you can train and recruit your own sale staff. As they begin to make sales you earn
2O% of their sales commision. Some of your saleman will go on to become affiliates themselves increasing
their earning potential, and guess what, as they increase their overall sales you continue to
increase your earning potential. Develop your own dynamic team, and before you know it, you will be
earning more residual income than you ever thought possible.
Our expert sales team will also provide you with all the training you need to begin making money
right away. We will provide you with expert sales techniques, and make sure that you understand
everything about the wonderful products that you have to offer. When you have questions we will
be there to back you up with answers. Giving you all of the support you need while you learn how
to communicate with your clients




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